New trends in mall entertainment for 2018

Entertainment technology has shrunk time and space over the centuries, preserving performances for posterity and allowing them to be seen far away from the performance venue. The next generation of tech promises to deliver to audiences ever-more-lifelike screen images, to give filmmakers and shutterbugs alike more flexibility at less cost, to take audiences to places they could never go — and even to change the way audiences perceive reality in real time.Anyone who has observed the entertainment market within international shopping centres would be able to notice a major change in shopping mall entertainment, particularly in the last couple of years. Many malls around the world have raised the level of their event campaigns to meet their customers standards. We believe that mall event planners are tired of over-used acts and shows. Booking entertainment just for the sake of booking entertainment is what leads to the worst impressions.


Creativiva specializes in producing customized entertainment solutions for shopping malls. Based on our 13 years of expertise and collaborations with more than 100 shopping centres worldwide, here are the new trends in in mall entertainment for 2018.


Last year, Disney announced a great lineup of Films for 2018. Amongst them are “The Jungle Book” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. Creativiva has prepared fascinating new stage shows “Jungle Book Live” and “Alice in Wonderland Live”that feature handmade high-quality costumes, cirque-style makeup, multi-genre style of dance and acrobatics, aerial acrobatics and circus acts, and Broadway-style acting and singing. These colourful shows will be a hit of 2018.


Alice in Wonderland Theatrical Show


High-end shopping malls are always on the lookout to offer unique experiences to their customers. Creativiva has access to stunning and engaging art installations that will become your main social media asset, and the centre of the attention in your mall Atrium!


Art Installation


This summer, Rio will host the largest sporting event on the planet. From impressive sport-themed shows, to unique Brazilian cultural events, malls around the world will celebrate the occasion with unique performances. Let Creativiva design your very unique Olympic Games campaign and bring unique entertainment in your mall.

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